All-round support in all
contractual matters

As a attorney at law specializing in contract law, I support you with foresight in all contractual matters. By carefully reviewing and drafting contracts, disputes can be avoided from the outset. This will save you a lot of time, money and nerves!

Sound legal knowledge, a holistic understanding and an eye for detail are the foundations for adept contract drafting.

I will be happy to assist you in the following matters of contract law:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Rent and tenancy agreements
  • Condominium agreements
  • Option contracts
  • Easement agreements
  • Building rights and super – structure agreements
  • Cooperation agreements and joint venture agreements
  • Company purchase agreements (share and asset deals)
  • Articles of association and syndicate agreements
  • Financing agreements (in particular loan and pledge agreements)
  • Distribution agreements (commercial agency, authorized dealer and franchise agreements)
  • General terms and conditions
  • Supply contracts
  • Civil partnership and marriage contracts
  • Wills
  • Divorce as well as other settlement agreements

Legal advice and representation in contract law

Are you looking for a competent attorney at law and contract drafter who can draft your contracts watertight in both German and English? I will be happy to advise you on all contract law matters. Contact me by phone or e-mail to arrange an initial consultation and discuss further steps.

The warranty and liability in sales contracts - attorney
at law and contract rights expert
Dr. Höfer Rechtsanwalts GmbH in an interview.

Conducting international business - What
do I need to know? - Contract law expert
Dr. Höfer Rechtsanwalts GmbH in an interview.

Contracts are my passion. Good contracts are like works of art. Unique and individual. I represent both companies and private individuals. I am happy to act as a trustee and take over the execution of contracts in the land register or company register.

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